Fujitsu Launches ScanSnap Sync Designed to Automatically Synchronize Scanned Content Across Devices and Cloud Services

New Productivity Feature Makes Accessing & Managing Documents On Multiple Devices Easier Than Ever; ScanSnap Receipt Now Supports Nine Languages & Currencies

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Sunnyvale, CA , November 02, 2015
Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today introduced ScanSnap Sync, making it easier than ever for ScanSnap scanner customers to access and manage their scanned documents across multiple devices. When scanning to an iOS or Android mobile device with the “ScanSnap Connect” app or launching ScanSnap Organizer on a PC or Mac, documents are automatically synchronized with supported cloud services, utilizing the ScanSnap Sync application. Customers can then make edits to the documents and those changes are synchronized back to the mobile device when stored in the preconfigured ScanSnap Sync folder. Watch a video tutorial of ScanSnap Sync here.
ScanSnap Sync is available now, via a free online update, and is compatible with the entire award-winning ScanSnap scanner lineup, including the ScanSnap iX500, iX100, SV600, S1300i and S1100i. With ScanSnap Sync customers are able to:
•    Enhance the overall ‘organization’ of scanned content between systems: Documents scanned to a mobile device via the ScanSnap Connect app or to a PC or Mac and placed in the preconfigured ScanSnap Sync folder can be managed across multiple devices and computers. Any changes made to the documents are then synchronized across them all.
•    Leverage popular cloud services to store, access and manage content: Documents are automatically scanned directly to supported cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
•    Conveniently ‘back-up’ scanned data stored on a mobile device: When documents are scanned to a mobile device with the “ScanSnap Connect” app they are synchronized and secured with your preferred cloud service and accessible anytime, anywhere.
•    Make scanned PDF content ‘searchable’ on a mobile device: A document scanned using a mobile device and synchronized to a preconfigured cloud service will automatically download to a Mac or PC when ScanSnap Organizer is launched. The PDF file is conveniently converted to a searchable PDF by ScanSnap Organizer and synchronized across the mobile device and cloud service.
ScanSnap Receipt Goes Global Starting today, ScanSnap Receipt software powered by ABBYY, a world leader in optical character recognition, supports nine languages and currencies. ScanSnap Receipt intelligently and automatically extracts data from receipts, allowing users to manage them all in one place, and includes U.S. (English, USD), Canada (English, GBP), United Kingdom (English, GBP), Germany (German, EUR), France (French, EUR), Italy (Italian, EUR), Spain (Spanish, EUR), Russia (Russian, RUB) and Australia (English, AUD).
“Our commitment to continually introduce the most advanced productivity features to our loyal ScanSnap customers remains our number one priority,” said Scott Francis, senior vice president of marketing, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “Both ScanSnap Sync and ScanSnap Receipt allow consumers and business professionals to improve productivity and streamline workflows and add to ScanSnap’s intuitive document imaging capabilities to help meet their needs of an ever-changing on-the-go lifestyle.”

The new ScanSnap Sync functionality is available through an online update to the ScanSnap Organizer software for PC and Mac as well as an update to the ScanSnap Connect Application for the iOS and Android mobile device. Users can get the latest version of the ScanSnap Organizer software with a free online update through the ScanSnap Manager software by simply right clicking on the ScanSnap Manager icon, going to help and choosing online update. Users can get the latest version of the ScanSnap Connect Application on their mobile device by going to the App store on an iOS device or Google Play on Android. Additionally, the ScanSnap Receipt update is also available now via a free online update through the ScanSnap Manager software.

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Date: November 02, 2015
City: Sunnyvale, CA
Company: Fujitsu Computer Products of America