Fujitsu Unveils New fi-7030 Desktop Scanner with Leading Edge PaperStream Image Enhancement and Capture Applications

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Sunnyvale, CA , August 01, 2016
Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today announced the availability of its latest fi Series desktop scanner, the Fujitsu fi-7030. Designed for efficiency, the fi-7030 is capable of handling various documents from business cards to Legal size, and comes bundled with enhanced image processing PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS, and PaperStream Capture software.
The Fujitsu fi-7030 provides quick scanning speeds of 27 ppm / 54 ipm (A4, Portrait, Color, 200 / 300 dpi), and starts up 3 times faster from sleep mode.

The fi-7030 features accurate mixed-batch scanning for different types of documents. The incorporated Skew Reducer prevents documents from being scanned if the previous document is skewed, thus preventing incomplete images and missing parts even in the case of a batch scan with various types of documents. The scanner also includes Intelligent Multi-Feed Function (iMFF) which utilizes ultrasonic sensors to ignore labels and sticky notes, thereby preventing multi-feeds and increasing daily throughput.
Additional benefits include:

•    Reliable Volume Scanning: The Fujitsu fi-7030 features an automatic document feeder (ADF) that can accommodate 50 sheets for efficient scanning.

•    Scanning Versatility: The new scanner supports a wide variety of documents and can easily handle Legal size documents. Long paper scanning of over 5 meters is available, as well as A3 size scanning with an optional carrier sheet.

•    Error Recovery: The Error Recovery Guide alerts users to cleaning, consumable replacement and document preparation needs.

•    Green Certified: Energy efficient with LED bulbs that last longer and produce less heat, and containing no hazardous materials.

•    Software Enhancements: With PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS image enhancement technology, documents are automatically converted into exceptionally clean images, accelerating OCR even when scanning wrinkled or stained documents, or documents with a background pattern. PaperStream Capture allows users to complete scanning processes faster and easier than ever before. Scanner Central Admin dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership and work that goes into setting up, operating and maintaining multiple Fujitsu scanners within in an organization. An upgrade to PaperStream Capture Pro provides customers enhanced indexing, document separation, and after scan correction for optimal productivity.

“Fujitsu continues to focus on designing and delivering the industry’s highest-quality image scanners to help our customers improve workplace scanning efficiency and reliability,” said Scott Francis senior VP of product management, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “The introduction of the fi-7030 desktop scanner provides businesses of all sizes with a compact, affordable, high-performance scanner.”
Pricing & Availability
The Fujitsu fi-7030 is available July 31, 2016 through authorized resellers, VARs and distributors. The fi-7030 is priced at $895 (U.S. List).

Service Options for the Fujitsu fi-7030 Scanner
Fujitsu offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of service programs in the document imaging industry with available options for any budget or response time needed. Generous trade-in programs, multi-vendor service, and co-term options are also available, providing for convenient coverage of the entire scan fleet. For more information about Fujitsu services please contact a Fujitsu distribution partner or Service Sales at 1-800-301-9475.

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Date: August 01, 2016
City: Sunnyvale, CA
Company: Fujitsu Computer Products of America