New features, new destinations and feature enhancements are available for Fujitsu’s Easy NX Connect Software

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

Sunnyvale, CA , November 04, 2019

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., the leader in Document Imaging, today announced new features, new destinations and feature enhancements for the Easy NX Connect software.  Easy NX Connect is an add-on authentication and connector package making the FUJITSU fi-7300NX Document Scanner with NX Manager easier than ever to integrate with popular cloud and on premise destinations.

“More and more businesses are requiring user authentication and document sharing among their employees,” says Yasunari Shimizu, President and CEO, Fujitsu Computer Products of America. “By using our fi-7300NX scanner and Easy NX Connect v1.30, businesses can authenticate users through a simple tap and scan, and scan to their repository of choice.  Easy NX Connect becomes an efficient tool to help customers modernize their digital document management strategy.”

New features added in Easy NX Connect v1.30:

  • OCR/ICR Integration - Integration with Kofax OmniPage (Nuance) Server and Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services engines enable scans to be converted to searchable PDFs and can be used with any of the connectors supported with Easy NX Connect 
  • Easy NX Connect Toolkit - For FCPA partners who want to build their own connectors with very little development, the Easy NX Connect Toolkit provides the following capabilities:
    • Configure an NFC card or a unique ID to a registered user.  Each user is registered automatically at login 
    • Automatically configure jobs for users based on the destinations provided by the connector 
    • Create a runtime installation environment with the partner connector for distribution
  • With the implementation of a small set of functions:
    • Authenticate a user from their username and password 
    • Get a list of destinations (storage locations or processes) accessible for a given user 
    • Upload documents to a destination for a specific user

New Destinations included in Easy NX Connect v1.30

There are many new destinations included in v1.30, including Egnyte, Nintex and UiPath.  Existing destinations are SharePoint Online, Box, OneDrive for Business, Amazon S3, FTP, FTPS, and SFTP, Scan to Print, Active Directory email and folder, and Web Mail (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail).

Easy NX Connect Features and Benefits

  • Convenience - With NFC authentication and several connectors in one package, and with more connectors added continually, users can scan directly to today’s most popular cloud and on premise repositories.
  • Security - Several different user authentication methods to enhance security and ease-of-use
  • Affordability - Each license is per server instance and includes a 1-year maintenance contract with free software updates and access to new destinations as they are added.
  • Customer Support – Featuring FCPA’s industry leading U.S. based customer support

Easy NX Connect Pricing and Availability

Easy NX Connect is available via two licenses at different price points depending on the needs of an organization. The $799 license allows up to one million pages scanned per year and includes a 1-year maintenance contract. The $1,249 license provides unlimited pages scanned per year, also including a 1-year maintenance contract.  To learn more about the fi-7300NX with NX Manager and Easy NX Connect, visit us at

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Date: November 04, 2019
City: Sunnyvale, CA
Company: Fujitsu Computer Products of America