3 Surprising Ways You Can Utilize Evernote

Let’s face it, life can get pretty hectic. Between work, meetings, cooking meals and your child's soccer practice, staying organized can seem like the hardest task of them all. According to the Moen survey, the garage, kitchen and home office were named as the most cluttered spaces in homes. Some people have this organization thing down pat, but for the rest of us who can use a little help, have no fear - Evernote is here. 

Evernote allows you to take notes anywhere, find information faster and share ideas with anyone. The beauty of Evernote is the diversity of uses - you can take meeting notes, create web pages, manage projects and even create to-do lists. According to The Daily Mail, it’s estimated we’ll each spend 3,680 hours in our lifetime searching for misplaced items. So why not keep all of your notes, plans and grocery lists in one easy-to-search place?

If you’re looking for some tips on how to use Evernote to get your life organized, we’re sharing three tips, below.

#1 - Organize Everything from Work to Home in One Place

For people with crazy work hours, sometimes it may be hard to find that work/life balance. Whether working from your cubicle or home office or just around the house, papers and important documents can fall into the mix of clutter, causing stress and consuming extra time looking for misplaced items. With Evernote, you can scan your documents onto the app to digitize them, organize all of your digital papers, and create easy access for referencing papers in a unified space at the click of a button.

And because Evernote has a mobile app, there is a huge convenience of information at your fingertips at all times. The app allows fluid transitioning from work to home - you can create a home to-do list and a work to-do list in the same place! From grocery lists to your morning work priorities, Evernote allows an organized space for your thoughts, tasks and errands.   

#2 - Manage Projects and Meetings

Evernote Business now allows users to utilize a feature called Spaces, where businesses can bring all of their ideas together so your team can produce its best work. By creating a new space for each project, topic, or workgroup, your team can view, share, and edit notes and notebooks in one place, see what others on your team are working on and highlight important notes by pinning them for quick reference. And if you’re a one-person team taking on tasks solo, Evernote also offers notebooks with different tabs to stay organized as well as a search tool to find documents at the ease of a click.

Keeping all projects and meetings on Evernote allows teams to clearly align on tasks and have all documents needed at their fingertips. Bringing organization from home to work can also improve your time management as well as your teams!

#3 - Scan Your Important Papers

For customer’s convenience, Evernote allows you to scan all of your important papers directly onto its site. This means you can access all of your important documents, and the data in them, whenever and wherever needed - insurance and healthcare files, warranty and product information, receipts, invoices, and more.

And for added convenience, Evernote can connect to ScanSnap scanners, like the ScanSnap iX1500, allowing users to scan directly into Evernote using  ScanSnap Home software. Scanned documents will become instantly accessible and searchable in Evernote on all your devices. It’s easy - simply sync anywhere. Evernote gives you the ability to sync your iX1500 scanner and, once the document is scanned, upload it into the Evernote app for easy access. Once you are done using your document, safely store them in the app for future use.

Do you have an itch to get your life organized? These tips can help you take the right steps in order to do so!