Boutique Law Firm Outsmarts The Big Guys

As a partner in a small yet busy, family-owned law firm, one of the most significant issues we deal with is staying on top of files and documents during document-heavy cases. It proves especially challenging when we deal with multiple defendants, each with his or her lawyer.

We are a family firm consisting of three generations of trial attorneys who advocate for clients in all sorts of practice areas, from criminal defense cases to personal injury accident cases. We have been a successful law firm for over 65 years, cementing us as the real first family of law in St. Louis. Since our inception, larger firms consisting of hundreds of employees, have developed. Large firms love to "paper you to death" with motions, documents, records, and correspondence. Opposing lawyers need to save everything since we never know when we might need to use it later on during the trial. During one of my most significant cases, I took an entire file cabinet with me!

While the large firm typically has several people working on their side, we usually have one or two. We are just as successful, but we rely on efficiency and technology to keep ourselves organized. We don't have double or even triple the staff to manage the day-to-day paperwork and correspondence. You can imagine the logistical nightmare it was keeping track of it all. The ScanSnap iX1500 has become one of our “assistants” if you will. It has helped us stay organized during cases, big and small.

I use ScanSnap almost every day. I will typically scan an incoming document, save it as a searchable PDF, and give each type of document its own electronic folder. I keep everything! Often, I need to use the same document for multiple uses. With ScanSnap Home, I can organize each document, search for them easily and print them effortlessly. I've saved so much time by not having to flip through papers to find what I need. ScanSnap is a godsend as I prepare for a case that would otherwise bury me in a mountain of paper.