Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. and Worldox Provide Law Firms with a Quick and Streamlined Document Capture Legal Case Management Solution

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., along with Worldox, is excited to announce a new Legal Case Management solution, the ScanSnap iX1600 with Worldox GX4 Pro Bundle. The ScanSnap iX1600 Scanner with Worldox GX4 Pro Bundle empowers law firms to capture, control, organize, and manage all of their information coherently, from anywhere, in a significantly short amount of time.  With ScanSnap and Worldox combined, you have a simple yet powerful, all-in-one digital on-ramp to legal case management.

The ScanSnap iX1600 document scanner is the premier Small Office Home Office (SOHO) scanner. It is small enough to fit on your desktop and powerful enough to support up to 5 users with its intuitive 4.3-inch Touch Screen Display.  It’s known for its ease-of-use; perfect for employees who don’t often scan. The touch screen gives each user one touch access to the most used destinations like Worldox.  With both Wi-Fi and USB 3.1 connectivity, you can connect direct to your computer at home or set up a standalone Wi-Fi scanning station in the office.  The document feeder will hold up to 50 documents at a time and scan 40 dual sided pages a minute at up to 300 dpi in color and 600 dpi in B&W, drastically cutting down on the time professionals spend feeding files into the scanner and producing the highest quality images. 

Worldox offers world-class management of every form of paper-based information that can be saved as a file. The software integrates with most other systems that generates the data your organization relies upon, and offers virtually unlimited customization capabilities.  With Worldox GX4 Pro software, you can control, organize, and manage all your information coherently, and employees can access whatever content they need, whenever they need it, no matter where or how that content was created. Additionally, when new business challenges arise – such as compliance and document retention – you already have the document management tools you need to respond.

Beyond improved productivity, the adoption of the ScanSnap with Worldox has also allowed firms such as Tarter Krinsky & Drogin to find savings elsewhere in the business.  “If a client asks for a document, or if we have to produce a document on a client’s behalf, there’s no longer a delay caused by waiting for records to be pulled. We have much faster access to those documents. This means there’s greater efficiency and greater service towards the client,” Rommell R. Maxwell, Tarter Krinsky & Drogin’s IT Administrator said.  Learn more about how this powerful bundle can help your practice to further increase its efficiency while cutting down storage cost and improve customer satisfaction in this case study here.


The ScanSnap iX1600 Scanner with Worldox GX4 Pro Bundle provides all of the software and hardware needed for your firm’s digital transformation. 

The bundle is available to buy on for $699.99 – a 20% savings*. The ScanSnap iX1600 Scanner with Worldox GX4 Pro Bundle includes:

  1. ScanSnap iX1600 (White) Document Scanner
    1. Includes 1-Year Fujitsu Advance Exchange Warranty
  2. Worldox GX4 Pro Software License with 1-Year Maintenance Warranty
    1. Includes free software updates and version downloads
    2. Software is redeemed through Worldox (instructions will be provided in post-purchase email)
    3. Based on a customer’s IT proficiencies, the Worldox GX4 Pro software may require installation through Professional Services (sold separately)

*when purchased in the bundle versus separately