Interview with Glenn Wood, VP of Service Operations and Logistics

In this blog, I feature Glenn Wood, Vice President of Service Operations and Logistics at Fujitsu. Glenn has been in the industry for over 30 years and is a man with many talents. Today, I want to ask Glenn about Fujitsu's commitment to customer satisfaction with our industry-leading service programs and our built-to-last imaging solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries. Let's get started!

Glenn's Career Journey

Glenn began his career working in operations and spent time at a few high-tech companies while watching Silicon Valley evolve. One of the really neat companies he worked for was GRiD Systems. GRiD systems developed the first laptop computer and handwriting recognition software. He was always drawn toward small to medium size companies as he felt that environment would allow his responsibilities to be more diverse. He spent time in a start-up environment where he got his first experience in Service. To him, start-up companies are extremely fun and challenging. He claims that he was lucky to have exceptional mentors throughout his career that took the time to help him develop his work philosophies. He started at Fujitsu in 1998 and since then, he has found the opportunities to be challenging and rewarding.

At Fujitsu, we offer numerous service programs to our customers to ensure that our customers are taking full advantage of our imaging solutions. Our technical assistance center staff and field engineers are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and hard-working. We offer several different service programs from on-site customer visits to technical support on the phone depending on the levels of assistance our customers need.

Fujitsu Service Vision

Question: As the VP of the Service Operations, how would you describe the relationships we have with our customers? Have the relationships evolved over the years?

Glenn: We have always had a strong service team. Our support has evolved from providing great service to being trusted advisors to our customers while maintaining the same high level of service.

Question: Why is it important to offer 100% US-based program?

Glenn: While the Service and Logistics teams are extremely diverse, we feel our ability to manage consistent service levels are improved doing so across 2 or 3 time zones. This improves communication and our ability to provide consistent training.

Question: What are you most proud of with the service programs we offer?

Glenn: Certainly, our ability to be flexible. We have always been able to tailor our services to the customer's needs. I really enjoy collaborating with our sales team to develop creative programs that differentiate our services.

About Fujitsu Service Team

Over the years, we have received positive feedback from our customers who have used our service program. I have learned that our service specialists walk through every step to investigate and fix the issues our customers are experiencing. They go above-and-beyond to make sure our customers are taken care of. I asked Glenn to tell me more about his team.

Question: What is your team's motto?

Glenn: Dazzle the customer! Our Training Manager provides Customer Service training to all employees in Service and Logistics that really helps us understand how to achieve the goal.

Question: Could you describe your service program team in 3 adjectives?

Glenn: Dedicated, engaged, trained. We interview for dedication and engagement, then we train and observe their performance.

Fujitsu's Net Promoter Score

According to Satmetrix NICE 2018 average net promoter score (NPS) industry report, the average NPS for laptop computers is 43. While NPS can be ranged from -100 to 100, Fujitsu imaging solution business has been maintaining the score of 87 for service and 88 for product.

Question: Maintaining the net promoter score is not easy. What is the secret to our success?

Glenn: It is important that we objectively measure the customer's feedback without advocating for a score or mentioning the survey. This helps us get accurate information. From there, we action issues that are pointed out by our customers and celebrate the great comments we get with the team. We would not ask for feedback if our team did not intend to use the information to get back to the customer and improve our services. I remember a conversation with a manager from 10 or 12 years ago when he mentioned that you can't improve every customer from a zero to a 10. I asked that our goal be to improve each low score and if we can improve from a zero to a 1, that would meet our goal. Then we will continuously improve from there.

Question: What is your favorite story about our customers?

Glenn: I often tell the story of a ScanSnap customer who was sight impaired that contacted us because their software license could not be read to initiate activation. The issue was discussed in our daily survey meeting and we decided to send a Field Engineer to the customers home to assist. Although the expense for this service probably exceeded the price of the scanner, we felt it was the right thing to do to dazzle the customer. Into the future

Question: Looking at the future, both near and far, how do you think the customer relationship will evolve? What is your vision to maintaining the trust with our customers?

Glenn: The Service Department at Fujitsu will continue to listen to our customer's feedback, contact customers to investigate issues, action them to reduce or eliminate reoccurrence, and celebrate the exceptional kudos we receive. This should keep us nimble and allow our services to evolve as customers dictate their needs.

Question: Before we wrap up, would you like to share anything with our readers?

Glenn: I would like customers to understand that no service is perfect. Whether it is a shopping experience, car repair or home services, things will not always go as planned. Please consider providing feedback to the people or companies who provide the services, especially those who ask for it. Give them a chance to learn from your experience, positive or negative, to improve or recognize the performance of their employees. Services can be difficult. Customer feedback is the catalyst for continuous improvement.

Question: Lastly, who is your childhood hero/heroine and why?

Glenn: Without question, my mother and father. My father was a Marine although you would not know that to meet him. He worked as a General Contractor in a one-man business for most of his life. My mother was a migrant farmworker for her latter childhood and teenage years. They were the two hardest working people I have ever known in my life.

At Fujitsu, we value our customers' feedback and enhance the quality of our products and service every day. We thank you for trusting us. For our service offering in detail, please click here. To purchase service, please visit our website.