The Best Gifts to Equip Grads for Success

This time of year marks an exciting period of celebration, achievement and new beginnings for new graduates. Chances are, between your extended family and circle of friends, there are likely at least a few grads on your gifting list. Whether the new diploma-holder in your life is graduating from high school, college or grad school, the below gifts are sure to help them with a successful transition into the next phase of their life.

A subscription service they won’t believe they ever survived without

Nearly any new grad would benefit from an Amazon Prime subscription, which now expands beyond fast and free shipping to include everything from streaming services to grocery deals, cloud storage and more. For bookworms, consider a subscription to a service like Audible; especially if their post-grad job includes a long or difficult commute, audiobooks can be a game-changing solution. For health-conscious or foodie folks, consider a meal delivery subscription such as Hello Fresh or Freshly. These speedy but quality meals can be real lifesavers for those striving to maintain a nutritious diet within a busy lifestyle.

A digital solution for reducing clutter - and stress

Loose paper is one of the largest contributors to clutter in any household. Unfortunately, this disarray can cause extra stress, distraction and anxiety - none of which are a recipe for success for any new grad. Instead, give them the gift of paperless organization. With the right scanner, users can save their transcripts, organize business cards and digitize a portfolio to aid them in a job search. It’s also capable of preserving photos, diplomas and other memorabilia by producing a digital version safe from wear and tear. This system can even help out new grads when it comes to household expenses, as users can easily digitize bills, receipts, tax forms and more. The ScanSnap iX100 is a compact, mobile device that scans and stores files directly to a preferred cloud service like Google Drive, Box, Evernote and more.

A smartwatch to streamline their schedules

For the tech or fitness enthusiast grads on your list, consider a connected smartwatch like the Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch. If your budget aligns better with a tracker that monitors steps, sleep quality and heart rate alone, consider models from brands like Fitbit and Garmin. New life phases - such as starting college or a new job - often bring about extra stress and are a significant shakeup to old, comfortable routines. Devices such as smartwatches and health trackers even allow users to set wellness goals and create new routines.

A smart speaker for their new home

Whether the new grad in your life is headed to a dorm room, an apartment or their first home, a smart speaker is an excellent choice. With capabilities such as music streaming, controlling smart home essentials, ordering household items and answering random questions, today’s smart speakers feature impressive, intuitive technology. Some of our top picks for new grads include the Google Home, the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Plus.

Headphones for business or pleasure

A solid set of headphones are another sound choice for grads of any age, whether they need a serious noise-canceling set for campus study sessions (such as this wireless option) or a sleek pair of Airpods perfect for conference calls and commutes. Best of all, either set is an ideal travel companion for long flights - just in case globetrotting is high on the new grad’s list of post-school plans.

What other gifts remain on your go-to list when shopping for new grads? Any other new innovations you feel are certain to set new grads up for success?