The Best Home Tech Gifts For Dad

With summer almost upon us, Father’s Day is just around the corner, too. It’s a special time to celebrate dads and grandpas, whether you’re spending the day with them or simply sending a card or gift from afar. Dads are often notoriously tough to shop for, though, and chances are you’re running out of gifts to choose from on the list of old standbys (think golf clubs, ties and coffee mugs).

Instead, consider branching out into smart home tech gifts. There are an array of user-friendly, convenient and affordable gadgets out there that can simplify everyday life for tech-savvy and digital novice dads alike. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites below. Happy shopping!

A smart home hub

Once a seemingly futuristic device, smart home assistants are now more commonplace in homes than ever before. Thankfully, the price points and various choices on the market today reflect this. One of our favorites is the Google Home (or the further compact and budget-friendly Google Home Mini). Using the voice-activated devices, your dad can check the weather, control connected appliances, TVs and thermostats, stream music and so much more.

A seriously useful key locator

If your dad tends to frequently lose his keys (and let’s face it, this is true for most of us), then consider a wireless key finder like the Tile Pro. It features a 300-foot range and a replaceable battery that promises a full year of battery life, beating out previous iterations and competitor versions. Dad can simply attach it to his keys and it rings with a touch of a button using the connected mobile app - you can even identify its location on a map. Even better, it works in reverse if you misplace your phone.

A user-friendly scanner to preserve memories (and stay organized)

If your dad is the type that also prefers handmade cards and framed photos as gifts, consider a way to help him digitize and preserve them forever. With the user-friendly and incredibly compact ScanSnap iX100, he can preserve family photos, award certificates and other cherished memorabilia by scanning the original to produce a digital version safe from wear and tear. If your dad has extensive scanning needs or a home office, consider upgrading to the powerful ScanSnap iX1500. Both devices scan and store files directly to a preferred cloud service and feature business card, receipt and document management apps.

A video doorbell for enhanced security

By installing a smart video doorbell, dads can increase security at home and rest easily without purchasing an expensive, complicated system. Affordable options like the Ring Doorbell offer easy installation and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to sync with your smartphone, tablet and PC as well as any Alexa-enabled device. Plus, it provides on-demand video, motion-activated alerts and two-way talk capabilities, allowing users to monitor the home and communicate with visitors from anywhere.

A robotic vacuum (particularly for pet-owner dads)

Robotic vacuums may have once been thought of as an expensive luxury, but you can now find a number of affordable options on the market. Models like the iRobot Roomba feature apps allowing you to control the cleaning schedule when away from home. Plus, it’s even compatible with Alexa-enabled assistants to offer hands-free voice control. Depending on the level of clutter and how many pets are in your dad’s household, robotic vacuums are a great way to help him keep the floors clean and kiss manual vacuums goodbye.