Introducing All-New High Speed ScanSnap Models

Learn more about our two newest ScanSnap models, the ScanSnap iX1600 and ScanSnap iX1400.

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Learn about our two newest ScanSnap models-the ScanSnap iX1600 and ScanSnap iX1400.

In this webcast you’ll learn how some of our customers are using these latest imaging solutions. Learn how:

A professional home organizer declutters homes and turn them into peaceful living space
An accountant prepares for the busy tax season and improves workflows for his clients
An educator digitized her classroom

Tune in to hear about the iX1600, which is 33% faster than its predecessor, the iX1500! The iX1400 brings back the simple one-touch button that ScanSnap fans know and love!


Scott Francis

Fujitsu Technology Evangelist

Jay Kimelman

Chief Accountant

Digital CPA

Tracy Bowers

Professional Organizer

Shelley Coates

Elementary School Teacher

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