Basic Onsite Service

Basic program. Exemplary support.

Our Basic program provides on-site service so you get peace of mind.

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Basic on-site service provides value-oriented peace of mind

Basic, in-warranty on-site service for Fujitsu Scanners upgrades the standard, limited warranty on certain models to a full 12 months of on-site service. The basic option includes parts, labor, travel and a cleaning event. Basic, post-warranty is available after the limited warranty timeframe and can be purchased in single or multi-year increments.

Advantages of basic scanner service

  • Includes all spare parts, labor and travel for service of verified hardware failure
  • Single cleaning event included to maintain peak scanner performance
  • Protects your scanner investment and avoids unexpected repair costs
  • Helps reduce downtime with 4-hour and 24/7 response time options

Co-terminous Basic Plus service for Fujitsu Scanners

For customers who need financial flexibility, fujitsu offers co-terminous basic plus service for its scanners. This option allows customers to purchase service for a specified number of months (certain restrictions apply). You can also synchronize services and billing on multiple scanner units or for multiple locations.

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