ScanSnap Cloud® makes data storage a cinch.

Share your data directly to the cloud from your ScanSnap scanner.




Allows users to use their preferred cloud application to leverage and share data

Improved Productivity

Enables sharing among users whether remote or on premise

ScanSnap Cloud Function


Scan from anywhere to the cloud.

Connect direct to a variety of cloud applications.

Automated file naming using keywords and dates from scanned documents.



  • Hardware

    • iOS®
      • iPad® 4 or later
      • iPhone® 5 or later
      • iPod touch® 6th or later
    • Android®
      • CPU
        • ARM processor (Recommended: 2.7 GHz quad-core or higher)
      • Memory
        • 512MB or bigger (Recommended: 3GB or more)
  • OS

    • iOS
      • iOS10.3 or later
    • Android
      • Android 4.4 or later
  • Number of Available Devices

    • Maximum 5 devices per user account
  • Supported ScanSnap Models

    • iX1500
    • iX1600
    • iX500
    • iX100