Maximize Imaging Solutions With PaperStream®

Our PaperStream portfolio of document imaging technology offers high quality front-end capture with industry leading image cleanup.  PaperStream makes it easy and is designed for any level of user with a simple interface, intuitive navigation, and ready-to-use profiles.

PaperStream IP

PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS driver software produces radically clean images that improve OCR performance and other downstream processes, reducing the need for rescans.

PaperStream IP

PaperStream Capture

PaperStream Capture lets users set up customizable profiles for automated page separation, data indexing, file naming, and specified image corrections, providing optimized and organized images for further business use.

PaperStream Capture

PaperStream NX Manager Server Software

PaperStream NX Manager server software pushes the fi-7300NX to new limits by creating a direct connection from the scanner into on premise or private cloud. With a simple tap and scan, data is immediately available in the business’ chosen destination/application.

PaperStream NX Manager

PaperStream NX Manager – Cloud

PaperStream NX Manager – Cloud unlocks the full potential of the fi-7300NX. With a tap and scan, data is immediately available in the business’ chosen cloud destination. Our EdgeXperience team can also make enterprise implementations as easy as one-touch scanning.