Private Cloud Imaging Solution – PaperStream® NX Manager

No server procurement or management, which means less work for IT.

PaperStream NX Manager Private Cloud is a perfect option for organizations that require control over their cloud system. Private cloud provides all of the benefits of our on premise PaperStream NX Manager with additional features and cost savings.

Private Cloud

What makes it powerful and flexible?

  • Easy scan operator experience
  • SDK available
  • Includes PaperStream image processing
  • Use with Easy NX Connect** (connector system with 30+ destination connectors) to easily integrate with on-premise or cloud applications

**Easy NX Connect is a separate purchase


Who benefits?

  • Busy IT teams – Easy to implement and manage. Manage up to 1,000 scanners. On premise solution provides full network control.
  • Scan operators – No formal training required. Easy to use with a simple tap and scan. No need to adjust scan settings.
  • CFO's – An affordable option to expensive hardware-software solutions. Saves employees time.
  • Customers – Fast processing of documents means quicker response to customers.

Why the cloud?

  • No need for a server or maintenance which makes less work for IT departments.
  • The adaptable system automatically scales as volumes increase or decrease which provides organizations with cost savings.
  • Software updates are automatically pushed to the end user, eliminating manual downloading.
  • New destinations will be regularly added and will automatically update without end user action.
  • With the PaperStream NX Manager Private Cloud, Easy NX Connect is included without additional cost.