Top Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your List this Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and we bet that there’s at least one person on your list that’s hoping to find the hottest new technology under the tree this year. From smart wearables to gadgets and devices that help us with every aspect of life, tech is unavoidable when it comes to gift-giving this holiday season.

From your in-the-know nieces and nephews to your tech-adverse parents, here are 5 of the best technology gifts for the 2019 holiday season for everyone on your list.

#1: For the bookworm

For the bibliophile in your life that plows through books faster than seems humanly possible, an all-new Amazon Kindle will delight your bookworm, regardless of what genre they prefer to read. So long as they’re willing to stray away from the traditional books, a Kindle will allow them access to countless books, newspapers and audio books all in one device, and all at their fingertips.

The Kindle’s adjustable front light makes reading comfortable on your eyes indoors and outdoors, day and night, and a single battery charge can last for up to six weeks. In-Kindle features enable users to highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words and adjust text size - without every leaving the page they’re on! And with a waterproof design, the Kindle is a great choice for beach and poolside adventures.

Bonus gift: If you’re really looking to splurge, a Prime Reading subscription allows Prime members to read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles. The perfect pairing for their brand new Kindle.

#2: For the jetsetter

We all have that friend whose location we can never keep track of. While they’re bouncing from country to country, get them something they’ll actually use - and love - a universal travel adapter! The JOOMFEEN travel adapter converts standard AC outlet power between 150+ countries from South America and Russia to Asia and the Middle East, with US, EU, UK and AU plug technology.

This behemoth of an adapter is compatible with just about every single USB device including various iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony/Nokia devices and goes beyond standard conversion, equipping users with two USB inputs with AC power separated into three streams to charge a trio of devices at the same time. It also features a built-in surge protector, so you’re wanderlust pal will never have to worry about frying their flat iron or hair dryer.

#3: For the parents-to-be

Having a baby is hard work and new parents can use all the help they can get. This holiday season, surprise the soon-to-be mom or dad with a techy gift that will make their life easier, like the Infanttech Wireless Zooby, a portable baby monitor that can be used anywhere from the car and the nursery to backyard or friend’s house. You’ve undoubtedly heard your parents tell you that they have eyes in the back of their head at least once - but this takes that saying to a whole new meaning!

The actual camera is discreet, hidden in a cute, baby-friendly toy that has a bendable neck that can be positioned for the best angle, and the screen has a suction cup to easily mount it to a car’s dashboard, as well as a split-screen feature (complete with night vision) that allows parents to check in on two little ones at once.

#4: For the amateur chef

For urbanites longing for their very own vegetable garden, look no further than the Smart Garden 3 Self-Watering Indoor Garden. No matter how little kitchen real estate they have, your aspiring chef will finally have the room to grow his or her own fresh herbs and vegetables right in their own kitchen with a self-watering indoor garden.

This kit includes the planter base, which features a built-in water reservoir that holds a month's worth of water (perfect for those with a not-so-green thumb), an LED lamp arm to provide vital light and three basil starter pods, so they can get growing right away! The NASA-inspired proprietary soil mix contains nutrients released in sync with the plant's life cycle, while keeping the soil pH balanced. Another feature is that the planter employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breathing room and nutrients, even when the soil is wet.

#5: For the business owner

Business owners are busy, and many can find themselves buried under stacks of mail, receipts, bills, important documents and more. So this year, give them the gift of organization and digitization! The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 document scanner is capable of digitizing large volumes of paper in a flash, making it easy to quickly declutter an office at the touch of a button.

This next-generation, Wi-Fi and Cloud-enabled scanner comes equipped with a smart touch screen, providing an easy-to-use interface with simple icons and an intuitive user experience. ScanSnap Cloud links ScanSnap to the most popular cloud services, like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and more.

Are you planning on gifting any of these items to a friend or relative (or to yourself!)? Tell us which tech devices are on your wish-list this year in the comments.