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Fujitsu introduces its new powerful flagship model, the high-speed ScanSnap iX1600,
and the ScanSnap iX1400 bringing back the classic one-touch button.

ScanSnap iX1600

A New Generation In Productivity

The next generation iX1600 is the most flexible scanner in the category, allowing users to connect via Wi-Fi or USB. With 33% faster* duplex scanning, you can get more done in less time and with ScanSnap Home 2.0 software, documents will be digitized, organized and saved with minimal effort.

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*Compared to the ScanSnap iX1500.

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ScanSnap iX1400

Perfectly Simple Classic One-Touch Button Scanning

The ScanSnap iX1400 is a testament to simplicity proving technology doesn’t have to be complicated. With a one-button touch to scan, digitize and organize documents, the iX1400 is perfect for every day scanning needs.

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